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Amethyst Rose

Carriage Rider/Driver

Amethyst Rose and Gus

theresezak 2.png

Amethyst Rose and Zak

As long as I can remember my cousin, Priscilla Rose, aka, Jamie was “all about her horses”! From listening to family stories being told all these years to riding in her horse drawn carriages singing Christmas carols, I began to fall in love with the horse.Not being a rider myself what I have come to respect through this group of ladies is the horse and rider “connection”.  It is amazing to me.  

This connection/relationship provides such unspoken pleasure to those who embrace the trust and respect their horse requires; trust and respect in which their horse gives back, once it seems everything is in balance between the two.   

That being said, in the new year of 2015 I gave Jamie a call and asked to attend a meeting in order to see if there would be a place for me in this group called, The Victorian Ladies Riding Society”.  After that first meeting I was hooked!  Hooked on this group of ladies who were super cool people.  People I could envision myself becoming part of due to the feeling of “sisterhood” I felt in that very first meeting. 

Learning to drive a horse and carriage was just the “Bonus”!One year later here I am enjoying this fine group of ladies who I learn something new each and every time I’m around them.  It’s all about sisterhood, practicing, performing and ultimately providing to the horse rescues we love supporting!

I’m also proud to say that my cousin has taught me how to drive Zak, her beautiful miniature Appaloosa, who’s small but spunky to say the least!  With his one blue eye he’s certainly a crowd pleaser as he struts his stuff!  Zak has a wonderful and uplifting life story; if you’re interested please visit my cousin, Priscilla Rose’s profile.  There she’ll take you through all his struggles as a little guy to his triumphant rise to stardom!   

Zak’s a pleasure to drive and I’ve grown to love him with all my heart.

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